THINGS Executive Summit: 
Digital Transformation

THINGS 4 Year Anniversary

Get inspired, informed and learn from the early movers! 

March 21 is the day for THINGS 4 Year Anniversary and we take the opportunity to arrange an Executive Summit around Digital Transformation with an impressive Case Marathon a couple of hours before the celebration starts.

Our great line-up includes H&D Wireless, Digital Nordix, Mavenoid, Imagimob, Epishine, Refind, Revibe Energy,  Ekkono, Gemit and Ingrid Cloud (Adaptive Simulations)

Our concept remains the same: we bring in the most interesting companies to share an interesting real-life case with executives from large organisations. The cases are presented in ten minutes using the format problem-solution-results and the business mingles allow executives to approach presenters and ask questions and maybe set up a first follow up meeting.

The Executive Summit is an invite-only event and we charge participants 1000 SEK ex VAT. THINGS Enterprise Circle Members participate for free.




EXECUTIVE SUMMIT: Doors open/ Business mingle

Event Space (second floor) 30min

Anders Hardebring, CEO, Imagimob - with Helena Iremo, Scania

Event Space (second floor) 10min

Emma Woxlin, CMO, Epishine


Anders Alneng, VP Sales, Ekkono - with Girish Agarwal, Husqvarna


Mats Pettersson, CEO Digital Nordix - District heating DIY to DNX (Södertörn Fjärrvärme AB)


Pär Bergsten, CEO, H&D Wireless - “Smart Positioning Revolutionizes the Industry”


Business mingle with coffee

Event Space (second floor) 30min

Viktor Börjesson, CEO, Revibe Energy - "Powering the connected railway”


Shahan Lilja, CEO, Mavenoid


Sebastian Desand, CEO, Ingrid Cloud. Vasakronan


Johanna Reimers, CEO, Refind - "Using AI to count the fish in the sea - The Nature Conservancy FISH FACE project”


Jonas Bäckman, CEO Gemit - with Anna-Karin Lindblom, Director Product Management, FLIR


4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Doors open/ Exhibitors in place

Some 30 exhibitors will be in place the entire evening. Explore and strike up a conversation! Networking mingle with light snacks and drinks.

Ground Floor (co-working area) 60min

THINGS on stage & THINGS 2019 Wall of Fame introduction

WELCOME & THINGS in 2019: Katarina Fégeant, Acting CEO.
THINGS Enterprise Circle: Magnus Melander, Co-founder & Evangelist.
IGNITE SWEDEN: Stina Lantz, Ignite Sweden Project Manager.
THINGS 2019 Wall of Fame: Pär Hedberg, Chairman of the Board.

Event Space (second floor) 30min

PARTY! Food truck open!

Pick up your food voucher upon arrival and exchange it for some delicious warm food whilst enjoying a drink with a fantastic crowd!


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Tickets: This event is by invite only. Enter the personal code that you received in your invitation to activate your ticket. 

Metro: Tekniska Högskolan

THINGS is the #1 B2B and industry-focused innovation hub in Sweden, located on the KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) campus. It is a 100 people capacity event space hosting a packed calendar of activities, housed within a 2,000m2 co-working space for startups, connected to an extended community of close corporate partners, including some of the most successful and innovative export companies in Sweden. Our common interest is a commitment to disruptive innovation and technologies, which are driving the digital transformation. Our vision is “to transform innovation in small companies into large scale value creation through collaboration with corporates”. We do this by nurturing and bringing together startups and corporates in order to catalyse the domestic and global development of innovative products and services. Our current focus areas are Internet of Things, Automation, Robotics, 3D scanning/printing, and Energy.  
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